Luebne Events

Exclusive Sauna & Bath Events Offer
  • Events for businesses, the facility can accommodate 6 people, possibly 8 people at any time.

  • Management Team meetings etc.

  • Celebrate a jubilee with an exclusive Sauna & Bad Event.

  • Why not give a wedding couple an exclusive day with a sauna bath and bath in the hot tub.

  • Are you a group of friends who want to do something that is good for both body and mind, get in touch.


Contact us if you have any special needs and we will discuss it. For example, accommodation with conference facilities, accommodation in cabins located in Luebne or why not try living in a sami tent “kåta”.

Examples of the Bastu & Bad Event event with the following included ..

Welcome drink to greet you. Snack tray with a content from our Sami culture. Tour with scooter in our beautiful surrounding nature. In the summer there is a boat tour on Luebnejaur. When we return, the sauna and hot tub are warm. After you have relaxed, we meet in the barbeque hut where there are lighter dishes served from the Sami community.

We finish with coffee. The price includes a beverage package consisting of local specialties, beer with the sauna, white or red wine with the food, and a selection of avec.

Of course, we have non-alcoholic options and we can offer lighter vegetarian dishes as options.

Luebne Events also offers transport between Arvidsjaur and Lubnejaur which means we will pick you up at the hotel or another selected address and we will also transport you back.

Including transport, this event takes about 6 hours.

Contact us for price and availability.


Please fill in the contact form on our website.


We wish you a good day!