About Us


Luebne Events is run by the Persson Mattsa family. Berndt was born into a Sami family and has put a Sami touch on our events. Luebnejaur has been populated since many thousands of years ago. There are many sami remains around Luebnejaur, among other things, from when our ancestors were hunting wildlife using catch groups. In Tsuobbuoája there is cold spring all year round. If you wish, you could combine the event with a trip there. During the summer after midsummer up to approx. July 15th we can visit a special place where reindeer calf labeling is conducted. The powerful Storforsen Piteälv is only 6 miles from Luebnejaur. A little closer lies the beautiful Trollforsen, which also Piteälv flows through.

In summer we can combine the event with a visit to Lappstaden Arvidsjaur where you will be invited for coffee and sami bread “ghakku” with smoked reindeer meat.

These are just a few suggestions of different experiences we offer, but please do let us know what you would like.